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Godot Genesis: Learning Through 6 classic Game Genres

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Learning to create your own games can be very difficult and daunting. Most Courses & Teachers will simply take you through the process of THEM creating their OWN game. But as you might know and as I know… This doesn’t help me much… So, I’ve developed a way for you to create your own game and implemented it into this course! The basic idea is that will we learn through a 3-step process, 1. Learning the Concept, 2. Examples, 3. Exercises. This process allows YOU as the learner to completely understand and digest what we’re actually doing and apply it yourself at a later time. Thus, we will go through this 3-Step process throughout the entire course to learn in a more effective way. To add onto that, we will also be going through 6 DIFFERENT genres! 1. Platformers 2. RPG’s 3. Shooters 4. Tower Defense Games 5. Turn-Based Games 6. RTS’s We will be completing 11 different projects/assignments together! 2 assignments from each Section/Genre. One In 2D and one in 3DProviding you with possible solutions to each project! By the end of this long course, if followed properly, you have my guarantee that you will be able to create ANY course of your own in ANY genre within Godot 4!




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